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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's About Time!!!

We're back. Kinda. It's been 14 months and I wanted to show you some of our photos. Here are a few - mostly from the first half of '09. Maybe we'll have some of the holiday pics up before next year!



Elizabeth calls her Grand Dad "Grandin."

The Sneaky Duo (including cousin Tessa Marie Douglas) loves playing piano.

Nursery toys!

Polygamist in training.

Diva. Like mother, like daughter.

We really went to Burger King to pick up collectable Star Trek glasses. The slide was a bonus.

Oquirrh (however you spell it) Mountain Temple open house. We were teaching her to pull out quarters from public fountains.

Wishing she was 16 already.

Thug life.


Hick. Man.

There Will Be Luke.
Photo courtesy of Mark Johnston.

First moviegoing experience. No, not Alvin. But The Princess And The Frog.

What's Halloween without zombies?

...and princesses?

...and more zombies?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Harry Potter International Trailer

For Kristen:

Sorry you now have to wait until next summer to see this.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My 1st Birthday

I turned one on September 25, 2008 and I must say it was very exciting. I woke up to choruses of “Happy Birthday” from Mom and Dad. Later Grandma Leanne came over with Aunt Kayla and gave me a few presents. I must say how surprised I was to find that at one year old I could have such “motherly” instincts. Later Dad came home and I was able to open more presents. I got so much awesome stuff that I soon became dizzy with glee. A few days later I had my birthday cake. As I stuffed glob after glob of cake into my mouth I began to wonder if I was shaking from excitement or a sugar rush. I may never know all I can hope for is that I’ll have a birthday next week too. Thank you to all of you who sent me something, called, thought of me or came to visit. It meant so much!
-Elizabeth Grace.

The Latest Adventures of Elizabeth Grace

Elizabeth is a pretty busy and crazy girl. She is always on the go. She usually starts her day off with a bath.

After which she gets dressed and makes sure that she has all her accessories.

Often times she follows up with a facial, given by her cousin Tessa.

Then it’s usually out to the fields to do some hard work harvesting crops and washing clothes in the stream.

By then she’s usually pretty tired and just has to take a nap.

Then she’s up again to study. She loves the written word and can spend hours at a time scrutinizing dusty old tomes.

After that to unwind she’ll usually sit down with her dad for a little movie. The most recent film was Goonies and afterwards Luke dressed up as Mikey and she dressed up as Sloth.

At last she settles down for the night to build up the energy for another exciting day.

Sunday in the mountains

After church on Sunday, we went up to Big Cottonwood Canyon to take some pictures and to see the colors changing. Here are some of these photos. I believe the area is called Brighton. It's right below the ski lifts.

I guess we arrived just after it stopped raining, so Elizabeth loved playing with the drops of water on the leaves. She ended up flinging it, getting water on both of us.

Check out the colors and the reflection on the still pond.

Here's Kristen with her parents Leanne and Todd.

Elizabeth spotted a crazy duck on the shore of the pond, so as we got a closer look, she got really excited watching him/her doing wacky duck stuff.

Just as we scrambled up to this spot (that kind of stuff is hard to do when you're handling a toddler), some young Nazi kid came jamming up the rocks, sliding recklessly all over the place. As we waited for him to get out of the frame, his lame dad came right up them with him. We had to wait for them to move their Eurotrash butts up the face of the rock so we could snap this shot.

She's hot!

Oh, so hot!

Father and daughter.

Elizabeth with her grandma.

This classy Hickman family photo is taken on a stump where Kristen's family (the Douglas') traditionally takes photos. This is a Hickman first.

On the bottom, you've got Leanne and Kristen's great aunt Rita. Above them is Todd. To the right of him are the Hickmans, and to the right of us is Todd's mom, June.

Then this moose came down the mountain, crossed the trail, and got a drink out of the pond. It didn't seem to mind people around it at all. Todd and I went back to see it and got these shots.

Here's Kayla, Kristen's sister, and her boyfriend John. They would've been in the other collective photos, but they ran off to make out in the forest.

Utah is a pretty beautiful place, especially when the colors change and especially when you grew up in a very brown desert.